1. bellevueucb:

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  3. bellevueucb:

We’re doing a Seinfeld show on Maude Night! 
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    We’re doing a Seinfeld show on Maude Night! 


  4. Bellevue - The MTA is Not Apologizing Anymore

    Every time you complain about the MTA, remember that it’s the best subway system in the world.

    Joanna Bradley on vox. Written by me. 

  5. drujohnston:

    Top of the Golden Gate Bridge

    Here’s a sketch I wrote for Bellevue’s show last month, starring Noah Forman and myself and directed by Brandon Gulya. 

    This is a great one.

  6. Above Average I.Q. – The Bilderbergers


    Check out our interview with Above Average for more not-serious and some actually serious answers about our videos.

    This was fun. Glad Lucas was able to work in a reference to The Slipnutz, the most important comedy bit of the last 500 years.

  7. Mancoward


    Last week I did the Mancow morning radio show in Chicago.

    It did not go well.

    As a comic, I’ve done a lot of morning radio. It’s the main press for most Midwest clubs. Never have I had an experience like the one I just had.

    Everybody is familiar with the Morning Zoo stereotype – the sound…

  8. The guy from Smash Mouth always tilts his head.

  9. frankhejl:

    For Your Consideration: Cubby Bangs. Cubby Bangs is a character I did in my show Hejl Is Other People. The character has changed a slight bit since the show but I thought I’d share it with you all. Thanks to Bluvband who filmed it. I apologize I blew out the audio a bit. You may not want to watch it with the volume all the way up. OR MAYBE YOU SHOULD! ROCKNROLL! Anyway, hope you enjoy.

    I laughed so hard when I saw this. Killer sketch.