I'm a comedy writer and performer based in Los Angeles.

In 2016, I was the head video writer at Above Average, where I worked as a writer since 2014. I wrote a bunch of sketches for Above Average, including some popular ones like "Everyone's Upstairs Neighbors" and "First Person To Run A Marathon Without Talking About It". And I've also written a couple web series: The Kings of PowerPoint and The Wingmen.

I'm also one-third of sketch comedy group The Bilderbergers. In May, we released Thingstarter, a six episode TV series on Seeso. Before that, we wrote and created a few web series for Above Average, including the original Thingstarter web series and The Idiot's Guide To Smart People. Sketch videos from our own YouTube channel have been widely featured around the web, including Buzzfeed, Upworthy, Jezebel, Gizmodo, The Guardian, The Washington Post, and many others.

When I'm in New York, I perform as a cast member of Improvised Seinfeld at the UCB Theatre, where we create episode of Seinfeld on the spot. The show evolved from our scripted Seinfeld stage show "The Leaning Susan" which I helped write and ran at UCB for about a year. The filmed performance later made the rounds on the internet and now has over a quarter million views.

Before all that, I also spent over four years writing for Maude Night at the UCB Theatre, on teams such as Gorilla Gorilla, Neighbor Boy and Bellevue. I also co-wrote "This Is Not A Sketch Show: A Sketch Show", which ran at the UCB Theatre for a year and was selected as a Critics' Pick by Time Out NY. And when I'm in NY, I perform with the indie improv group Out of the Woods at what is probably The Triple Crown's longest running show.

twitter: @mattmoskovciak
email: matt.moskovciak@gmail.com